A Weighted Sleep Mask by Gravity Blanket Might Be Just What You Need!

If Sleep Is An Issue, A Weighted Sleep Mask Might Be The Cure!

So you already know we’re big fans of weighted blankets, but what if we could enjoy that same comforting heavy but not too heavy feeling on our face while we sleep.

Enter the Weighted Sleep Mask by Gravity Blanket. You already know Gravity Blanket as the Rolls Royce of weighted sleep blankets, so you know damn well they’re going to make a quality weighted sleep mask.  These guys know weight, they know science, and they know how to calm you down and help you sleep.

The question is, does it work? Any good sleep mask will block out light.  That’s the main reason for using one in the first place.  We can say that this mask blocks out light as well or better than any other we’ve tried.  I have a skylight in my bedroom.  I hate it and require a sleep mask because of it.  (I’m also too cheap to buy a shade for the skylight but that’s another story.)  This sleep mask is amazingly comfortable and keeps things as black as my soul.

Weighted Sleep Mask by Gravity Blanket

The way a weighted sleep mask works is that it distributed just a slight amount of pressure to pressure points around your face.  I found this to be pretty amazing if I’m being honest.  It feels relaxing, tension reducing and like a small fuzzy angel is resting their bum on your fact.  Who doesn’t want to sleep like that?

It’s made of high quality materials and feels super soft.  The mask just feels like it’s going to stand the test of time.  One caveat though, you don’t want to toss this bad boy in the washing machine.  This is a hand wash only item.  This shouldn’t be a problem unless you sweat like an animal or have other bodily function issues.  If that’s the case, you need more than a weighted sleep mask to sort your life out.

All in all, for $35 it’s a bargain for a better night’s sleep.  Face it, we could all use one.  We can’t recommend the Weighted Sleep Mask by Gravity Blanket enough.  Get one today!