Tribit Xfree Tune Headphones

Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones

We recently purchased these amazing headphones and we’re freaking in love with them.  Seriously.  For $50 you can’t find a better sounding, higher quality over the ear headphones.

They are noise cancelling but don’t expect these to stand up to the Bose Quiet Comfort in that regard.  They block out a good deal of ambient noise but some still gets through.

Still, they sync up effortlessly with our iPhones, sound great, the battery lasts forever and they are pretty comfortable while working out.

I will say, personally, that my ears sweat and get pretty hot while wearing these.  However, that might just be a function of me personally since I’m ALWAYS hot anyway.  They stay in place while I’m running (when I’m actually running) and fold up nicely to transport back and forth to work.

The Tribit XFree Tune headphones come with a charging cable as well as a standard audio cable.  Yes, you’ll still need a dongle if you’re going to use these corded with your headphone jackless (is that a word?) smart phone, but you can deal with it.  The bluetooth sounds great.

Again, if you’re in the market for a low cost, wireless over the ear pair of headphones, these Tribit can’t be beat.  They do sometimes end up on a waiting list on Amazon since they’ve been featured in quite a few online publications so you might have to wait a bit.  It’s worth it.  Trust us.

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